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Naples has it own history, dedicated with fashionistas cruising on Vespas through sun-drenched piazzas, simple but sublime cuisine, and, of course, UNESCO certification as the birthplace of pizza.

Naples as a repetition of being a dangerous or unsafe city. This is an old image of the city when the mafia operated strongly in the city. Naples is not any more dangerous than other large urban cities in Europe.

Naples is one of Italy's most closeted cities, but gay travellers can still find a few places to hang out. 

Use your gay radar and start in Piazza Bellini, known as the meeting point of the gay community before a night out on the town.

Carnival is celebrated in Naples during February and an opportunity for the LGBTQ to dress up and have fun with all the locals in the city.

Since 1996 Napoli Pride has been the main LGBTQ event in the city for LGBTQ community and same-sex couples to celebrate their identity with up to 40,000 attendees in June.



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